Pattaya Wreck Diving

We are fortunate to have some very easy to dive wrecks in the Pattaya area that are easily accessible, within recreational diving limits and very beautiful.  In fact, with the exception of the Phuket area, we have the only real wreck diving in Thailand; and we have a number of very good wrecks.   Pattaya wreck dives include the Hardeep, the Bremen, the Khram, and Kut.  These wreck dives are also good training sites for your PADI Deep and Wreck Specialty courses. These are our most popular wreck dives in Pattaya: By far, the Khram is the most popular wreck dive in Pattaya.  Both the Khram and the Kut (also known as the Kood) were prepared by the Thai Navy especially for diving, so both these "sister" ship wrecks are great for exploration and penetration.  They are teeming with wildlife and a joy to dive again and again. These are a number of other wreck dives in Pattaya, including the: Adventure Divers specializes in wreck diving so we generally dive either the Khram or the Kut at least 4 or 5 days a week, sometimes more or less depending on what our customers would like to do.   We are customer oriented, so we don't have a fixed schedule; we dive where our customers want to dive. Both the Khram and the Kut are what some scuba divers refer to as "theme park dives" because both these ship wrecks are easy to dive and very beautiful, rich in wildlife.  Generally, we don't dive the Bremen and the Pottery wreck very often because there is not much left to see; but we do visit occasionally to see the fish that hang out around the remains of the old wrecks. If you like wreck diving and Thailand you will really like wreck diving in Pattaya. Pattaya is a great place to dive ship wrecks; and although there is great diving all over Thailand, wreck diving in Pattaya is the best Thailand has to offer.   You will love wreck diving with Adventure Divers.