Why Dive With Us?

Quite frankly, what are you looking for when choosing a scuba diving resort, club or center? Is it based only on price? Luxury? Service? The greatest diving in the world? Location? Safety? Professionalism? The truth is that you and everyone else are looking for a combination of all of the above and more. We at Adventure Divers truly believe that with all things considered we are best positioned to deliver the best combination of the above and to host the best possible dive day / excursion available in the Pattaya area. Let's start with the dive boat, MV Saifon. It is far more comfortable and better laid out than any boat in the area as witnessed and concurred with by experienced divers. There are many shops in the area but only a handful who own their own boat, so diving with us allows the choice in dive locations based on our customer's, yours, qualifications and desires (marine conditions allowing). Also, diving on our boat with us, if we are doing a third dive and you are qualified to do the particular dive, we do not want you to sit it out because you have not paid for it but instead we invite you to join in. If you have completed your Enriched Air Diver Certification with Adventure Divers, we offer you free Nitrox, blended on the boat, on dives that would benefit from using it. If you are a confident diver wanting to improve his or her confidence and underwater skills there are special reasons you want to dive with us. Our food has been said to be among the best that some of our customers have had while they were in Pattaya! We feel that it is absolutely the best, certainly, than on any boat in this area. We also serve sandwiches after the last dive, on the way back to port. Regarding dive site choice and profiles. Many shops insist on not diving a reverse profile. We feel that putting mildly experienced and not so confident divers on an unprotected wreck in a strong current is totally counterproductive. First, as the article written for DAN (Diver's Alert Network), a nonprofit scuba diving and dive safety association providing expert medical advice for underwater injuries and diver insurance says, there is no compelling reason to incur increased risk and stress during a dive simply to avoid a reverse profile. Also, we at Adventure Divers are avid divers, as you are, so we make our choices of dives sites based on the same reasons you would choose them. Lastly, you did not choose Pattaya as a dive destination. You have chosen Pattaya for your holiday or you may work in Bangkok and while you are here you want to go diving. It will never compare to Bali or the Red Sea or a lot of other dive destinations, but it still is better than many other dive sites in the world. Certainly more to see here than in a rock quarry or many other marine dive locations. So, come on! Some of our diving is exceptional, The Khram Wreck or Koh Rin for instance, all of it will get you wet and we can guarantee to do everything possible to make your day out with us pleasurable and memorable.