TDI Twin Set

This course can be accomplished in two days on the boat. Whether you want more gas (air or Nitrox) than the common, single cylinder available at your dive shop, or an independent backup gas for your solo diving, or need more gas for deeper / technical diving, the twins course will let you comfortably use this equipment, a change from your standard sport SCUBA kit. The first major change is to outfit you in a back-plate / wing system that allows you to mount and wear a twinset.  Once fitted, divers will feel the increased drag at surface and underwater then progress to rolling out of a turtle (rolled on back) scenario.  The course continues with safety drills such as leakage isolation drills and buoyancy backup.  The end-game is to get you comfortable and able to balance with a twin set. Primary system focus will be to use and manage gas balance for the Independent Double (I-Dbl) twins.  Independent Double uses any two single cylinders (available from any dive operator) and are mounted as twins with a special adapter.   Keeping a balance of gas pressure between the 2 Independent Double tanks is the primary skill to master.  The student will also be given a familiarization dive with the Manifold Double (M-Dbl) in case they have the chance in the future to rent this type of twin. Prerequisites: 12 yr old, with parental consent, Open Water Diver, or equivalent qualification,. Price: 17,500 Baht Purchase over $300 in diving online and get an automatic 5% discount.