The Liberty Wrecks

The HTMS Pattini, HTMS Phali, and HTMS Nongsarhai, these three Royal Thai Navy battleships were sunk as target ships during the 70’s and 80’s in the middle of the gulf of Thailand all at around 25 to 30 meters deep.  Very rarely dived and and avoided by fish net trawlers (many have lost their nets to these wrecks), these wrecks boast a fantastic amount of marine life on them.   Only six hours boat ride from Pattaya to the five square kilometer area where they all lie, recreational SCUBA divers can enjoy rich marine life and thrilling adventure of wreck dives.  Here at Adventure Divers, we try to schedule a trip to these fun wrecks to dive every few months.   We have Nitrox available for all three dives. Our trips include an overnight "camp out" on the comfortable MV Saifon while steaming out with a morning arrival at the wreck area.  After a quick breakfast, we have our first dive on our chosen wreck. After a three hour surface interval we dive our second wreck for the day.   After yet another three hour surface interval, including a buffet lunch, we dive our third wreck for the day then start our way back to Pattaya and serve a buffet dinner on the way back.  We get back somewhere around 2200 hours. This trip is something of a special trip and must be planned a month or so out, so if you are interested in this "expedition" please let us know early.