TDI Technical Skills

This course can be accomplished in two days of diving and academics on  the boat. Technically, this course is not TDI but from In-Depth, but we have found that many people can benefit from this added on course. Summarized, this course concentrates on Buoyancy, Balance, and Trim (BBT), a vital skill set for controlling one’s body to manage the virtual ceiling placed above a diver conducting mandatory decompression.  It also is a must for diving in the confined spaces of either a wreck or cave.  It’s not just a technical dive course since being able to float motionless has numerous advantages in sport, non-silt-up diving especially for photographers/videographers The course will configure your sport equipment for technical dive configuration using a large volume cylinder with 2 regulator attach points.  Primary and secondary regulators, the long hose, dive and gas planning / management, underwater note taking, lift bag deployment, measuring and calculating Respiratory Minute Volume (RMV) and team leadership building are also brought into the theory and scuba skill development.  Most of the diving is done in shallow (and even confined) water to allow time to accomplish all the skills. By the time you are interested in this course it is reasonable to assume that you have your own basic recreational scuba diving equipment.  The price of the course covers all special equipment above and beyond from basic recreation diving gear. Prerequisites: 15 yr old, with parental consent, Open Water Diver, or equivalent qualification. Price:  16,000 Baht Purchase over $300 in diving online and get an automatic 5% discount.