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  • TDI Advanced Nitrox

    This course can be done in 3 days, one day of academics and two days diving.  Certification to purchase Nitrox mixes up to EAN100 has three advantages.  First, for the research or scientific diver working long hours in shallower waters with minimal surface interval and wanting to nullify nitrogen buildup.  Second,for saturated divers requiring decompression […]

  • TDI Deco Procedures

    This course can be accomplished in four days, one day academics and three days diving with a total of 4 dives. Designed to let you use your sport diving BCD jacket holding a large volume SCUBA cylinder with 2 regulators.  This allows to student to make decompression dives before committing to major equipment buys for […]

  • TDI Extended Range

    This course can be completed in eight days. The ultimate collimation of all the technical dive courses to conduct deep dives to 55 meters carrying 3 Nitrox gas mixtures.  We don’t cut corners nor skimp at these depths as we balance narcosis with oxygen toxicity.  Twins with sturdy technical dive gear with back-ups are a […]

  • TDI Technical Skills

    This course can be accomplished in two days of diving and academics on  the boat. Technically, this course is not TDI but from In-Depth, but we have found that many people can benefit from this added on course. Summarized, this course concentrates on Buoyancy, Balance, and Trim (BBT), a vital skill set for controlling one’s […]

  • TDI Twin Set

    This course can be accomplished in two days on the boat. Whether you want more gas (air or Nitrox) than the common, single cylinder available at your dive shop, or an independent backup gas for your solo diving, or need more gas for deeper / technical diving, the twins course will let you comfortably use […]