South Rock

As it’s name implies, just south of Koh Rin, South Rock has been a very desirable dive in the past. It is now starting to recover from a three wham blow that it suffered in 2009. First, the Thai Royal Navy, who has used this unfortunate island for target practice for may years, stepped up their shelling of the island itself and the surrounding corals that year. Then Thailand and much of Southeast Asia experienced a massive coral bleaching event and in combination with massive fishing nets strung around football field areas of the reef and the added stress brought on by the Navy’s shelling the reef just died. everywhere there was rubble from dead coral and the fish life just disappeared. The last time I dove it in 2009, I nearly cried.

South RockJust a few months ago, in September, 2011 we took a chance and had another dive on South Rock. Mermaids Dive Shop had cleaned off the nets and the area has made a surprising recovery, bringing South Rock back into a divable site. There is still some more recovery to be done, but if the waters stay cool enough the corals are remarkably resilient and the area should recover to it’s former glory. For years this site has been one of our better coral dive sites. There are many rock canyons and hills, well covered in coral and many fish, Blue Spotted Rays, Moray Eels, large Eagle Rays and a few Black Tip Reef Sharks had been spotted from time to time.

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