Solo Diver SDI

This popular specialty course prepares the diver in the event of a lost buddy without the need to terminate the dive.  A favorite style among underwater photographers and videographers who would rather concentrate on capturing an image versus worry about the whereabouts of their buddy.  When both buddies are solo qualified, they can agree on a dive plan; therefore, they may separate and reunite throughout the dive without having to worry, retrace, find, and rejoin or surface. The program focuses on the mental attitude, the limitations, and the equipment needed to be self-reliant on a familiar dive site.  Academic discussion will determine the range and amount of extra air the student will need carry separately.  Diving will concentrate on using an independent air supply and it’s configuration, navigation back to boat, and signal devices. Several different pony cylinders are available at our shop.  This allows you to find the pony and mounting system that will best suit your needs when you decide to buy your extra equipment for solo diving. Prerequisites: 21 yr old SDI Advanced Diver, or equivalent qualification, with 100 logged dives Recommended qualifications: SDI Rescue Diver, SDI Equipment Specialist, SDI Under Water Navigator, SDI Drift Diver or equivalent Course price includes required materials. Price: 10,000 Baht Purchase over $300 in diving online and get an automatic 5% discount.