Scuba Diving Trips

Scuba Diving Trips are what we do best Adventure Divers and Watersports is your best and most friendly dive shop in Pattaya. We have our own boat with experienced captain and crew with an intimate knowledge of reefs in the area. Whatever your level or interests, we are happy to assist.  Because we ourselves enjoy fun and challenging scuba diving we are the best choice to go out with to have a great day scuba diving. The weather around Pattaya is excellent for diving all year round.  We are fortunate to not be much affected by the seasonal monsoon weather that affects the rest of Thailand. The warm water, slight currents, and comfortable surface conditions all help to make divers and students relaxed and confident. Adventure Divers puts you at ease, and teaches safety first. Diving here will introduce you to beautiful reefs, endless types of fish and other marine life.  Wreck dives are also available for a most unique diving experience. Our Instructors can lead you on dives of all skill levels. Just tell us your interests and we will do the rest!
There are two main groups of islands off of Pattaya that offer the best diving: The "near islands" featuring Koh Larn ("Koh" means "island" in Thai), Koh Sac and Koh Khrok, and the "far islands" of Koh Rin and Koh Phai. Other islands include Koh Man Wichai, Koh Klung Bedan, Koh Luam, and more. For more information on the dive sites Click Here. Our custom built dive boat, the "MV Saifon", has all the comforts you could want. Our trained staff gives attentive service to make your trip not only fun, but luxurious. Also we arrange dive trips to Cambodia and other parts of Thailand so be sure to ask. To see our web site booking promotion, Click here!