Pattaya Islands

Outer Pattaya Islands

As the far islands are uninhabited and a little further from Bangkok the visibility tends to be marginally better than at the Near Islands.  All of the Far Islands have large amounts of Jacks, Trevellies, Barracuda, Rabbit fish, Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Wrasse, Gobi’s and thousands of Damsel fish, as well as some Flat Tailed Rays, some up to 2 meters across.  A variety of sharks can also be found in these sites:

Inner Pattaya Islands

The inner islands in Pattaya take about 30 to 40 minutes less time to get there, but the recreational boat traffic is much greater (skiers, snorkelers, jet skis, etc).  For this reason, many experienced divers  prefer the outer islands.  On the other hand does have a lot of nice corals and an abundance of marine life plus the/htms-kut/”><a href=” HTMS Kut (Kood) wreck</a> so the inner island are excellent islands for beginning divers and students.