PADI Underwater Digital Photography Adventure Dive

Have you been trying to get some of those amazing possible pictures underwater that you seem to try to get but only end up deleting them after the dive? This dive is an introduction to digital underwater photography centered around point-and-shoot digital cameras.  This dive helps scuba divers develop the knowledge, skills and practical techniques necessary to obtain excellent photographs with a digital camera, even on their first photo dive. The Basics listed: 1.  Entry protecting camera system 2.  Practice proper exposure, contrast and sharpness by using and controlling shutter,   aperture, EV control, focus and flash 3.  Practice getting good color by using white balance, flash, filters and wide angle lenses 4.  Practice composition through choice of subject, subject positioning, negative space and other compositional elements 5.  Demonstrate use of the PADI SEA Method by using the LCD monitor and/or histogram to evaluate exposure, sharpness and composition 6.  Exit protecting camera system