PADI Wreck Diver Speciality

This course can accomplished in two days. This is Adventure Divers, Pattaya, favorite activity, Wreck Diving!  In the inner Pattaya diving area we have two “theme park” prepared wrecks, the HTMS (His Thai Majesty’s Ship) Kut and the HTMS Khram. If you want to do the PADI Specialty Course then there is no better place to do it than in Pattaya with Adventure Divers because of our familiarity with these two wrecks.  There are also 6 other wrecks in the not so immediate area that we visit from time to time. Diving on wrecks appeals to most divers, though for many different reasons.  You may find yourself attracted to the challenge of exploring the wreck, or a fascination with its historical nature.   Underwater photographers love wrecks for their picture potential, while those interested in nature like the fact that wrecks quickly become artificial reefs.  Wrecks are typically ships, but can include railroad cars, aircraft and automobiles.   In these, you’ll find wreck sites though out the world range from those open to novice to those only accessible by the most experienced technical divers.   Whether your first or your hundredth dive on a wreck, few moments in diving compare with descending on the past.  Keep that thought, the philosophy of this course is to focus on fun, safe wreck diving.  Thus, the goal of this course is to teach student divers a systematic, methodical approach to enjoying wreck diving.  Student divers will develop the techniques involved in wreck diving within recreational limits and while avoiding disturbing delicate marine life. This course focuses on being able to dive wrecks and make it fun, but still maintain safe diving practices.  The course guides divers in Wreck Diving laws, how to researching the history, special wreck diving equipment, the basics of wreck penetration, basics of mapping out a wreck, and more.  These skills will then be applied by the student diver in a series of four wreck dives. The best way to learn wreck diving procedures and to apply them is by doing it. This course philosophy therefore, expands student diver knowledge about wreck diving law, hazards to avoid, how to research wrecks, wreck diving equipment, the basics of penetrating a wreck and how to interact responsibly with the aquatic life they’ll see while wreck diving. Price: 13,500 Baht Purchase over $300 in diving online and get an automatic 5% discount.