PADI Open Water Diver

If you have always wanted to experience the underwater world for yourself but never had the time or opportunity to try, now is the time to go for it.  Young and old, this low impact sport can be enjoyed by almost anyone.  We at Adventure Divers, Pattaya, pride ourselves in helping people become confident divers, comfortable in the water and having the time of their life. While all of the required scuba diving skills and academics must be accomplished before certification, we coax the student to accomplish them at their own pace and confidence level, having fun the whole time. We generally have 1 to 3 students per PADI professional, so everyone has the benefit of 1 on 1 attention by the instructors. The entry-level certification takes you from beginner to certified diver in just four (recommended) days.  Once you have completed the PADI Open Water Course, you will be certified to go diving independently with any other certified diver down to (recommended) 18 meters, anywhere in the world. The course is divided into one day of academics, one day at the pool for two to four hours followed by two days on the boat for four dives in the ocean where you put what you have learned into an enjoyable experience.  We can schedule the course to your time requirements. If you are pressed for time here in Pattaya, there are a few options to shorten the course schedule.  First, you can do the academics before you arrive to Pattaya on the PADI website by completing the e-learning PADI Open Water course (contact us for details on how to register), saving the day of academics, and, or, if you are reasonably comfortable in the water before you arrive we can accomplish the pool session from the boat by performing the required skills in a shallow, protected bay on our first day out, saving the pool day. The course fees INCLUDE the required PADI materials and the Certification application. Included:
  • Hotel pick up and return (Pattaya area)
  • Rental Equipment
  • Delicious Thai and western food, cooked on board, for lunch
  • Water, coffee, tea, all day
  • Assorted tropical Thai fruit
  • Sandwiches for after dive snacks on the trip back
  • Required PADI Materials and Certification application
. Price:  17,500 Baht -- Price includes everything, No Hidden Cost

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