PADI Adventure Wreck Dive

This is Adventure Divers, Pattaya, favorite activity, Wreck Diving!   In the inner Pattaya diving area we have two "theme park" prepared wrecks, the HTMS (His Thai Majesty's Ship) Kut and the HTMS Khram. If you are doing your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course then there is no better place to do it than in Pattaya with Adventure Divers because of our familiarity with these two wrecks.   There are also 6 other wrecks in the not so immediate area that we visit from time to time. Few moments in diving compare with going down the descent line in blue water and all of sudden the wreck slowly starts to materialize below you!  Keep that thought, the purpose of this dive is to focus on fun, safe and exciting wreck diving. The Wreck Dive is a guided tour of a wreck that allows student divers to practice basic wreck diving techniques.  We will provide student divers with information about the wreck’s background (date it sunk, previous use, historical significance, etc.).  We will also discuss the wreck’s size, structure, interesting features and depth underwater and the interesting aquatic life to found on the wreck.   We also discuss the way that diving on a fairly deep wreck differs from the procedures used on fairly shallow coral dives.   We will discuss the fact that local laws may apply to wreck diving in many parts of the world. A very important thing to know is how to navigate on a wreck so that the ascent line can be located easily, and that will be a main focus for us.  Also to reduce kicking up silt we will stress maintaining neutral buoyancy and good body position so that the bottom is avoided. We will show you some of the special equipment that can or should be used for wreck diving and discuss the potential hazards which if you are aware of them should pose no problem. Be cautioned, though, after this dive you will be hooked and will want to sign up for the PADI Wreck Specialty Course.