PADI Adventure Underwater Navigation Dive

It doesn’t take many open water dives before you realize that knowing where you are and where you’re going makes a big difference in how much fun you have.  Navigating underwater builds confidence and puts you in control of your dive.   Few moments in diving compare with the satisfaction and pride you feel when you navigate a distance and hit your mark dead-on. The Adventure Navigation Dive is the second Adventure Dive that PADI requires for the Advanced Open Water Certification. Prior to the dive, on the boat, we at Adventure Divers stress the K.I.S.S. method, (Keep It Simple, S.....) then student divers will practice compass use and navigation patterns. During this Adventure Dive, we will lay out a 30 meter reel line and the student will fin his way along the line then back again, counting his or her fin cycles to have an average of fin kicks for that distance. We emphasize streamlining, correct body positioning, maintaining neutral buoyancy and fining slowly and steadily. Then the student diver will from a recognizable point along the line will practice a simple straight line swim out and and take a reciprocal azimuth back to the point of departure.  Once the student has successfully accomplished this, we set out on a 30 by 30 meter square swim with the goal of arriving at our departure point. We then encourage the student diver to lead the rest of the dive on a pre-arranged fun dive using tips and compass techniques we have discussed prior to the dive.