PADI Adventure Underwater Naturalist Dive

Observation, discovery and identification and having fun are key features of any dive. This Adventure Dive is an introduction to aquatic life including an overview of responsible human interactions with aquatic life.  We will go over a basic overview of major aquatic life groupings for our area.  We will encourage the student  to prepare by looking through reference material available for the local environment and carry aquatic life identification slates, if available for the local area, or make sketches of what they see on slates for later identification. We at Adventure Divers will help the student find organisms, identify them, point out unique behaviors and call attention to interesting interactions. We will remind student divers to interact responsibly with the aquatic life during the dive by:
  • Passively observing behaviors.
  • Maintaining neutral buoyancy.
  • Keeping their body off the bottom (especially knees and hands).
  • Securing dangling hoses.
  • Moving and breathing slowly to minimize disturbances.