PADI Adventure Search & Recovery Dive

Have you been out diving and your buddy jumped in the water and lost his dive weights?  Or his mask?  Was it the end of your diving for that day?  This dive introduces you to the procedures and techniques to finding lost equipment and the procedures to raise them should they be too heavy to carry with you. For the first exercise, a small object that can be hand-carried to the surface (coins, sunglasses, scuba diving mask) is placed in a spot not easy to find and the student must search and recover the item. For the second exercise, we will place a larger, heavier object (bucket filled with sand / sediment, brick, concrete block, small boat anchor, weight belt, engine parts, etc.) for student divers to locate and raise with a lift bag.  The object should not weigh more than approximately 10 kilograms. Pre-dive activities include practicing compass use and walking through search patterns.  Also, we involve student divers in dive planning activities and ask them to help prepare buoys, reference lines and lifting devices.