PADI Adventure Night Dive

You have been diving during the day and getting to know the underwater world.  What goes on there at night? Want to know? Night Dive on the HTMS Khram Many people really love night diving.  The mystery of what is beyond your night diving torch, the challenge of underwater night navigation, the difference of the day aquatic life and the nocturnal aquatic life and just being out on the boat during sunset.   All make the Padi Adventure Night Dive a favorite among a lot of people. This dive introduces the adventure diver to the knowledge and techniques of night diving.  To conduct a Night Diver Adventure Dive, the following will be included:
  • The planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of night diving.
  • Proper procedures for buoyancy control, navigation and communication.
  • The proper use of dive lights and buddy-system techniques.
  • Disorientation and emergency procedures.
  • Orientation to nocturnal aquatic life.
This dive is sometimes difficult to organize enough people who want to go out at night so because we at Adventure Divers, Pattaya, love to do night dives we will try hard to accommodate any one who desires to do this dive.