PADI Adventure Enriched Air Dive

If your air consumption is relatively good and you are coming up from a 30 meter dive on a wreck with 100 bar left in your tank on normal air because of your no decompression limits, then really the Enriched Air Specialty Course is for you.  This dive is an introduction to the knowledge, skills and techniques for diving with enriched air.  It can be included in your Advanced Open Water Diver course.  The Adventure Diver will be presented the PADI Enriched Air Dive Today briefing prior to the dive.  This dive will not certify you to dive on Nitrox without a PADI professional but introduces you to the benefits and limitations of diving on enriched air.  For the Enriched Air Specialty course click here. The maximum depth allowable for this Adventure Dive is 30 meters or a PO2 of 1.4 ata (explained in the PADI Enriched Air Dive Today briefing) for the blend, whichever is shallowest.  The maximum allowable enriched air oxygen content is 40 percent. With Adventure Divers, Pattaya, we generally do our Nitrox dives on one of our two "Theme Park" prepared wrecks, giving you a double bonus dive. Students must complete and sign the Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement for Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diving.