PADI Adventure Dives

Here is a list of all PADI Adventure Dives. Not all are available here in Pattaya and some of them have difficult logistics that make them difficult to arrange.

Altitude Dive Unavailable here in Pattaya
AWARE Fish Identification
Boat Dive
Deep Dive Required for the Advanced Open Water Diver Certification
Digital Underwater Photography Recommended by Adventure Divers
Diver Propulsion Vehicle Expensive Logistics here in Pattaya
Drift Dive
Dry Suit Dive Difficult logistics here in Pattaya
Enriched Air Dive Recommended by Adventure Divers
Multilevel & Computer Dive
National Geographic Dive Unavailable though Adventure Divers
Night Dive Highly recommended but must be on scheduled Night Dives
Peak Performance Buoyancy Highly Recomended by Adventure Divers
Search & Recovery Dive Highly recommended by Adventure Divers
Underwater Naturalist
Underwater Navigation Required for Advanced Open Water Diver Certification
Underwater Photography This Dive is better served with the Underwater Digital Photography Dive
Underwater Videography This Dive requires your own Underwater Video Camera
Wreck Dive Our favorite and most popular Adventure Dive