PADI Adventure Deep Dive

How many times were you left out on a dive because you were not a certified Advanced Open Water Diver?  This dive is a requirement for that certification.  For the purpose of training, a deep dive is defined as a dive conducted between 18 to 30 meters.  We at Adventure Divers, Pattaya, want to be sure that as an A/O/W diver that you have experienced deep diving. Due to the nature of deep diving, the student is taught to be aware of potential problems, such as hypothermia, nitrogen narcosis, buoyancy control in deep water, diver anxiety and stress.  If the student is not too confident in the water, we  have student divers descend and ascend using a down line as a visual or tactile guide.  This helps with control and may decrease student diver anxiety while in mid-water. We then do a depth gauge comparison exercise, with as many types of depth gauges available as possible, computers, capillary depth gauge, different types of bourbon tube depth gauges, etc.  Then we do a color change comparison, choose a red, orange, pink or yellow object, so that the color change is obvious between the surface and bottom. Then, we test how quickly the student can work out a few mathematical questions based on a few written questions.  Generally it is obvious that your thinking processes do not function as they do on the surface, because of nitrogen narcosis and diver stress. Lastly, if we did not need a down line, we like to challenge the student with some navigation back to a predetermined point.