North Rock

Just off of Koh Rin, this dive site has become Adventure Divers' favorite coral dive site in the Pattaya Dive Area. It boasts a huge variety of hard corals down to about 14 meters and absolutely stunning Soft Corals down to around 22 meters deep. The variety and abundance of schooling fish, Yellow Jacks, Rabbit Fish, Juvenile Barracudas, Yellow Tail Fusiliers and Travelies is impressive and add to those the Bamboo Sharks, Blue Spotted Rays and lots of Moray Eels in the corals makes this dive site spectacular.
North Rock, Pattaya The west side of the island is a bit shallow and sparsely populated but does boast Bamboo Sharks and Blue Spotted Rays and has a concentration of Nudibranches unmatched anywhere I have ever dived. The south west side gets deeper, down to 14 meters where the bright Florescent Soft Corals provide great color, around to the south side with the Schooling Fish and great Hard Corals to the south east side, what we have dubbed the Octopus's Garden down to 22 meters and populated by loads of Black Sponge Corals decorated with three colors of Florescent Soft Corals and populated by loads of fish. We often find Cuddle Fish in this area, then going around to the north side of the dive site it becomes slightly shallower to around 12 meters where we find really nice corals and rock formations where the Morays and Blue Spotted Sting Rays love to hide out. Nudibranches, North RockThe whole site makes for a great drift dive when there is a strong incoming tide starting from the southeast side, where a large school of Yellow Jacks hang out, ripping past the south where the Yellow Tail Fusiliers are, and with some exciting speeds zip around the east corner past the Octopus' Garden and ending up in the calm north side, just past the wall of current where all the Rabbit Fish and large Travelies hang out feeding from the food blown by and have something different to see everywhere along the drift dive. Truly a spectacular dive location!! Below are post and videos related to North Rock