MV Bremen Wreck

Commonly called the Bremen Wreck, the steamship “PETCHBURI” was built at George Seebeck AG shipyard, Bremerhaven, Germany. Tonnage: 2191 gross tons. Length: 88,5m, Breadth: 11,9m, Draught: 7,3m Engine: 3-times expansion-steam engine. Power: 1150 Hp, Speed : 12,5 nm/h, Crew: 3424.09.l901: Launching under the name PETCHABURI for the company North German Lloyd in Bremen. During World War 1 the Royal Thai Navy confiscated the vessel and renamed her the HTMS Kaeo Samud. On a trip carrying rice she ran ashore and after an ensuing engine room fire and explosion she sunk at about 24 meters. The "BREMEN" should NOT be penetrated, as she has been used extensively by the Royal Thai Navy for underwater demolition exercises, and is therefore relatively unstable. She is, however, a spectacular artificial reef with spectacular fish life. Unfortunately she lies in an area with extremely strong currents so you must choose your day carefully. Also the area has a lot of Thai Navy activity and sometimes you may be run out of the area. Near by lies Koh Ira, an island that boast 2 really nice coral dives on it’s east and west sides. Not far away there is Koh Khram Yai that has really nice dive sites as well, all of them dependent on the currents. Below is a list of Videos and Post about the Bremen Wreck