Koh Rin

Koh Rin and the surrounding area, without a doubt, has all of the best coral dives in the immediate Pattaya area. There are other very good ones but they take a bit of getting to. Koh Rin area has eight main dive areas, plus one secret site known only to Adventure Divers and friends, each of which can easily support more than one dive.

Hin Ton Mai also known as South Rock is a very popular dive spot as the fish life is very varied with lots of Moray Eels and Barracuda. Very Large Marble Rays (250 CM wing tip to wing tip) have been spotted there, though not often. There are plenty of both hard and soft corals, coral whips as well as very good invertebrate life such as nudibranchs, brittle stars and feather stars. This site has very good coral life down to 22 metres.

Hin Khao also known as North Rock has as much coral life as South Rock and has lots of rock outcroppings that are homes to many sharks and eels. This is an excellent site for searching around for the more unusual nudibranchs, pipefish, razorfish and others that like to hide away. The site has good diving down to around 18 metres.

Koh Rin bay. This site isKoh Rin part of the main island of Koh Rin. Although this site only goes down to a maximum depth of 16 meters it is not well protected from currents and is therefore must be dived on when the currents are favorable.

The west side offers a very protected dive site that is excellent for training dives and is acceptable for qualified divers, especially when the currents and/or waves are strong. Just off Koh Rin on the west side there is a deep hole of over 40 meters deep with sometimes some interesting things to see and is perfect for the adventurous diver in times of currents.

The south east and south side of the island offers yet again a different dive site. On the south east side, there are many well preserved corals as not many people actually visit them well populated by Yellow jacks, Yellow Tail Fusiliers and Morays. In early September, 2011. We, in cooperation with The Dive Tribe, released around 30 Sharks in this area, including 2 Black Tip Reef Sharks, 10 Banded Bamboo Sharks and 18 Bamboo Sharks. Moving around to the south side, the corals thin out but the topography boast nice cliffs and valleys down to depth of about 14 meters.

The secret dive site is a small wreck that attracts a swarm of yellow jacks as seen on the video that also attracts 6 to 8 very large Cobia Fish around 1 meter 50 cm plus long.

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Below is a video of the secret wreck and of the north side of North Rock


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