Koh Man Wichai

Koh Man WichaiKoh Man Wichai has two excellent dive areas. The boat generally moors on the south side of the island, in between The Wall, to the west and the Fingers to the east. If choosing the Wall to dive, enter the water, swim to the corals and turn west. Follow the coral line around for about 15 minutes and you will arrive at the Wall, which is a cliff with coral growth jutting out of the water from starting 11 meters and gradually getting shallower to the surface. Follow the Wall to around 8 meters depth and turn directly west and follow that bearing for about 8 minutes and you will arrive to a drop off which runs north/south, which boast loads of Blue Spotted Rays, Moray Eels and Porcupine Puffer Fish and you can follow till your turn around point or in strong currents can continue with on a drift dive and be picked up at the next beach area. If you choose to dive the Fingers, enter the water and generally where the boats moor, you are on top of the Fingers. Dive towards the east and you will cross over ridges that run more or less north/south and the corresponding valleys. This dive boast Hawksbill Turtles, big Parrot Fish and schools of Yellow Tail Fusiliers. This dive is best done as a back to the boat dive as if you drift it it will be a short dive. Below are videos and posts about Koh Man Wichai