Divers Helping Reefs | Koh Man Wichai Mooring Buoys

Koh Man Wichai Reefs Claimed by "Divers Helping Reefs": Your Name Goes Here This is only the south part of Koh Man Wichai as we only dive this area. This dive site is some people's favorite site. However the Fingers spread out into the bay and if you anchor close in to the island it is hit or miss, sand or corals. This site certainly needs mooring buoys. A solid dive flag means that a mooring buoy has been deployed. A blinking dive flag means that a mooring buoy is required for dive site reef conservation. To see the current status of any dive site, you may click on any marker (where a “hand” cursor appears when you run your mouse over the marker). Click here to go back to previous page Thanks to Google Maps