Koh Luam Noi

Koh Luam NoiThis small island north of Koh Pai is seldom visited by divers which is why this dive site has produced some very good dives when the visibility has been decent. Because of it's location in very shallow waters between two bigger islands, when there are waves or strong currents the visibility seems to be more affected than in most of the "Far Islands" area. But, because it is so seldom visited the fish and marine life can be stunning. It is a relatively small dive site so we like to do slow drift dives in lightly falling currents from the north east side to the south side. The coral life is intact with little anchor damage and the marine life includes multiple Hawksbill Turtles, Blue Spotted Rays, Eagle Rays, large Marble Rays, more Squirrel Fish than anywhere else, large schools of Yellow Tail Fusiliers and Rabbit Fish, and loads of Porcupine Puffer Fish. Maximum depth is about 10 meters. Thanks to Google Maps