Koh Lan

This island boast 4 dive sites. There is Hat Nuan, what we call South Point, just around the corner, (also where we propose that the Wreck be sunk), Laem Thong (Golden Bay) and Shark Point. The marine life is plentiful and good and the area is home to a few Turtles, wrasses, Titan Trigger Fish, Moray Eels and numerous Bamboo Sharks. The marine life in the area is varied and includes the Six Bar Wrasse, Half 'n half Wrasse, Parrotfish, schools of small Barracuda, Long Toms and Halfbeaks. Koh Lan MapLaem Tong, set off to the North West of the island just of a cliff face on the island is in our opinion the best dive on this island and short of the HTMS Kut the best on the near islands. The diver will find an area with flat sandy bottom and many large coral heads and groupings, a fairly large coral reef leading to a underwater rock face dropping to 18 meters. This is an interesting area to explore and great fun can be had swimming in search of the marine life. Here you will find numerous Giant Sea Anemones with their inhabitants as well as a variety of Elephant Ear Anemones and the Black and White Clown Fish. Many divers may have seen these clown fish and observed their habit of disappearing into the mouth of the anemone as the divers approach. These fish make very good photographic subjects. In the deeper areas there are almost always Bamboo sharks and Blue Spotted Sting Rays to be found. This whole area can be dived throughout the year although the best time is from October to February when the winds blow from the North however because during that time the speed boat and jet ski traffic we generally try to avoid the area. The rest of the year the area can be dived although on occasion it can get a bit rough on the boat with the South winds. Don't let this put you off ! A point to note around these islands is the large number of fishing boats that operate with their nets very close to the reefs. It is a pity that the authorities cannot control the practice of netting so close to these islands as they are visited daily by thousands of visitors hoping to view the excellent corals and the myriad of fish life. Below are videos and post about Koh Lan