Koh Khrok

The Western face and the Southern point of the island are where the corals are.  The corals start on the sand at 15m and extend right up to near the surface.  An excellent site for a drift dive as the prevailing currents run parallel to the island.  Large Bommies are a feature of this site.  Staghorn, Brain, Mushroom and Table Corals are in abundance.   Neptune, Barrel and Blue Sponge are amongst the Soft Corals found here.  Bushy Corals can be found at the deeper sections. Koh KhrokThe southern point is home to a few Hawksbill Turtles, including one old man who has been there for as long as any diver can remember, and Pufferfish, Parrotfish, "Half and Half" Wrasse and Six banded Wrasses are plentiful .  One section of the west face has an area covered with Giant Sea Anemones along with the usual Anemone Fish and Clownfish.  Schools of small Barracuda, Jacks and Tangs can be seen at the North point.  There are a few small caves at the southwest end allowing entry only at top high tide. The area is great for snorkeling, in particular the southern point. Another benefit for divers and snorkelers, is that there is little or no surface traffic of speedboats and jet skis. This small island, although ignored by many of the locals, is well worth a visit . Thanks to Google Maps Below are post and videos pertaining to Koh Krok