Koh Klung Bedan

Koh Klung Bedan is a rather long island that offers at least four different dives. First, on the north-east side in an incoming or slack current it offers probably the absolute best Discover Scuba Diving or dive one for the Open Water Course site in the Pattaya dive area. There is clean sand with few Sea Urchins shallow enough to stand in and not far away there are pristine shallow corals down to only 5 meters with a lot of marine life to interest new scuba divers. Then, starting from the same point, there is for the more experienced diver a long stretch of dive that can be used as a drift dive or simply a one way that can go down to 24 meters and still be interesting. In the shallower parts at the beginning of the dive there are many Sea Horses to be found, there are Sea Turtles often seen and down in the deeper areas there are generally Bamboo Sharks to be seen under Coral Heads. This dive can end up in the third possible dive. Koh Klung Bedan Dive AreaThe third dive begins on the south end of the island and is a perfect back to the boat dive in an out-going tide. It also starts at around 5 meters and follows a large hill with big boulders covered in corals to the island. In this area there are many Blue Spotted Sting Ray, schools of Yellow Tailed Fusiliers, Porcupine Puffer Fish and a large variety of other marine life to see. This dive can go to 24 meters before the are no interesting things to see. From the same start point for the third dive plan, less experienced divers can go the other way and have a fairly shallow dive to about 6 meters and see many of the same things. This island truly offers a variety of things to do. Thanks to Google Maps