HTMS Sarasin Wreck

This ship wreck was commissioned a PC-461 Class Submarine Chaser for the US Navy till it was transferred to the Thai Royal Navy in 1951 and renamed the HTMS Sarasin.  It is unclear how long she served till she was eventually sunk as a target about three hours steam out of Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya in 43 meters depth.  She lies on her side and the top of her is at about 34 meters depth.  There are a lot of fishing nets on her so caution must be exercised. Best dived as a Technical Dive, recreational divers can visit her for a short time on 28% Nitrox.  We have been out a few times and dived on her and the visibility varied from about 5 meters to over 25 meters visibility (which made for an absolutely outstanding two dives). Already explored penetrations are tight but there appears that there must be more and the marine life on this wreck is amazingly plentiful.  Of note is there were vast amounts of Nudibranches all over the wreck. Thanks to for background information.