HTMS Khram Mooring Buoys

HTMS Khram Mooring Buoys Claimed by "Divers Helping Reefs": Your Name Goes Here Presently there is a marker buoy on the HTMS Khram but the rope is not thick enough to moor a boat to it. When the marker buoy breaks, then the only way to find the wreck is to throw a grappling hook and possibly damage the corals or the structure while trying to hook it. Also, since the boats presently have to motor around while divers are in the water, it presents a heightened danger that a free ascending diver may be hit by one of the boats. We like to have two mooring buoys down to the wreck. A solid dive flag means that a mooring buoy has been deployed. A blinking dive flag means that a mooring buoy is required for dive site reef conservation. To see the current status of any dive site, you may click on any marker (where a “hand” cursor appears when you run your mouse over the marker). Click here to go back to previous page