Hardeep Wreck

Vessels name: Supornthep, Registration: Thai, Sunk: May 1941 The "HARDEEP" was an 80-meter freighter, pressed into inter-coastal transport service by the occupying Japanese, and sunk towards the end of WWII. It is fully penetrable, and a great site for getting your Wreck Diver specialty certification. The Hardeep ship originally known as the SS Suddathip was attacked and sunk by British Allied bombers in the latter part of World War 2. Originally, she had a long service history before the war as both a passenger and cargo-ship before she was commandeered by the Japanese army to run supplies to Thailand where they were building the railway linking the country to Burma. The Hardeep shipwreck is located just off Sameasan, and is 64-metres long and lies on her starboard side literally only a few hundred metres from the coral island Koh Chuang Her hull used to be largely intact but is now starting to fall apart through corrosion and heavy currents. In the engine room you still can see the huge crankshaft and you can also swim though the cargo hold which is known as the Cathedral because of the shafts of light that pour through the vast interior of this area. Time has taken it’s toll on this wreck and penetration is becoming risky due to the possibility of parts of the structure falling down, but it is possible to swim along the deck, through the remains of the superstructure from end to end, this makes a great dive. There is a huge diversity of life on this very mature wreck with Tusked fish, Bat-fish, Barracudas, Sweet-lips, Rabbit-fish, Angelfish,Turtles and all sorts of macro photographic opportunities. 3d Hardeep-1 Thanks to Alex Beuchel, www.pattaya-scuba.net Bombed by French Aircraft during World War II during Franco/Thai Hostilities Powered by 3 cylinder coal fired engine. Single screw Vessel type: Cargo ship Length/Tonnage: 60meters/1000tons Wreck Location: N012'31.5, E100'57.5. Near Koh Chuang, Gulf of Siam Wreck details: Lying on its starboard side. Max depth 26 meters, with two 1000 pound bombs nearby.