TDI Extended Range

This course can be completed in eight days. The ultimate collimation of all the technical dive courses to conduct deep dives to 55 meters carrying 3 Nitrox gas mixtures.  We don’t cut corners nor skimp at these depths as we balance narcosis with oxygen toxicity.  Twins with sturdy technical dive gear with back-ups are a must at this level. All the skills obtained in the prerequisite courses will be combined and practiced until they become natural.  Thinking risk assessment and choosing options for a dive team migrates to more advanced planning and diving.  Now we use dive planning software to build specific tables and gas planning software to examine multiple options for gas reserve and management.  In the realm of 55m narcosis affects task management in the deep.  Inter-dependency with your team includes deep water buddy aid and rescue. Upon graduation, dive with confidence to the limits of Nitrox mixes and you’ll be ready to go deeper with the Trimix set of courses.  Even on the Nitrox mixes there are plenty of wrecks to visit in the Gulf of Thailand. Prerequisites: 18 yr old TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver, TDI Decompression Diver, and the Twins Set Course (above), or equivalent qualification, with 100 logged dives to include 25 logged dives deeper than 30 meters. Price: 70,000 Baht Purchase over $300 in diving online and get an automatic 5% discount.