PADI Enriched Air Diver

Two Compressors on Our Dive Boat - Free Nitrox to Our Qualified Nitrox Divers

This course can be completed in only one day. Why dive EAN (Enriched Air "Nitrox")?  If you are a diver who comes up from a dive because your No Decompression Limits have been reached and you still have ten or fifteen minutes of air left, then diving Nitrox is for you.  Imagine that you are on a wreck at 30 meters and the dive is coming to an end because your NDLs are nearing and two minutes before you must begin your ascent a big shoal of large barracuda arrive.  You have to reluctantly surface or risk going into a decompression model that by the rules of recreational diving will end your diving for the day. The course is a few hours of academics and a few practical exercises and either 2 dives on Nitrox or 2 simulated predive exercises, and a written test at the end. Learn the rules of diving with Nitrox and extend all your adventure dives in the future. For the foreseeable future anyone opting for the PADI Enriched Air Diver Course with the two dives option with Adventure Divers will get free Nitrox for a year on any wreck dive or other dive that benefits from Nitrox with us. Price with no dives, 5,500 Baht Price with two dives, 9,500 Baht Purchase over $300 in diving online and get an automatic 5% discount.