PADI Divemaster

In this program you expand your dive knowledge and hone your diving skills to a professional level.  PADI Divemaster training develops your dive leadership skills through classroom, independent study and practical application through a structured internship, or through a  series of practical training exercises.  Your water skills and stamina are fine tuned to a professional level improving your ability to organize training and or certified fun dives, anticipate or solve problems as well as help others improve their diving. Octopus in shell at Koh Rhin This is the first professional level in the PADI recreational diving industry, and is a prerequisite for entry into the Instructor Development Course (IDC).  The course guides the candidate through dive theory knowledge , self confidence in diving development, teaching methods and working with students, as well as training in  dive leadership, an essential rating to work in the diving industry.  The course takes a minimum of ten days for a basic PADI Divemaster Certification but can take up to a couple of months for the PADI Divemaster Internship program (highly recommended). To develop these characteristics in an individual, the PADI Divemaster course has five broad goals:
  • To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgment and skills for supervising certified divers in shore-based and boat-based diving activities.
  • To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgment and skills for assisting with training divers in PADI courses.
  • To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgment and skills for independently conducting specific PADI programs for certified divers and nondivers (e.g., Scuba Review, Discover Snorkeling, PADI Skin Diver course).
  • To develop the candidate’s dive theory knowledge, waterskills, rescue skills and experience to the levels necessary to be a good Divemaster and or to continue to the PADI Instructor Development Course.
  • To promote each candidate’s growth to meet their  individual goals and interests, and to meet the dive community’s needs and expectations in dive leaders (e.g., risk management, personal health and safety, the needs of the dive retailer).
The dive community expects several characteristics of an individual with the PADI Divemaster rating.  These include:
  • Exemplary diving skills.  The PADI Divemaster’s skills can be used as demonstrations for student divers and should be a 'role model' for certified divers to follow.
  • Rescue skills.  The PADI Divemaster can prevent or manage accidents, and role model rescue skills for student divers in training.
  • Professional-level knowledge of dive theory.  Depth of theoretical knowledge goes hand-in-hand with expertise and professionalism.  This is the foundation for problem solving and creativity in the divemaster’s duties, and for subsequent growth as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.
  • Competence as a certified assistant.  PADI Divemasters know how to support instruction by handling logistical, supervisory and limited educational duties under an instructor’s supervision.
  • Dive management and supervision abilities.  PADI Divemasters accept appropriate, limited responsibility for certified divers within the context of leading or managing diving activities.  This requires good people skills and good judgment along with a strong working knowledge of dive environments and activities.  The PADI Divemaster assists the dive operation with risk management.
The course fees includes the required PADI materials. PADI membership fees are not included. Price:  Starts at 38,000 Baht Purchase over $300 in diving online and get an automatic 5% discount.