TDI Deco Procedures

This course can be accomplished in four days, one day academics and three days diving with a total of 4 dives. Designed to let you use your sport diving BCD jacket holding a large volume SCUBA cylinder with 2 regulators.  This allows to student to make decompression dives before committing to major equipment buys for technical diving.  This course let’s you saturate beyond the NDL (No Decompression Limits) and off-gas the excess nitrogen in your body with confidence from depths of 45 meters.  The course focuses on dive planning, gas management, gas choices, underwater problem solving, back-up contingency equipment selection and use, and depth control for decompression stops. The student will need to have primary and back-up equipment as well as manage where to store and access all this equipment.  The student will go back to basics of table planning the ‘square dive profile’ and watch timing of dive time and over max depth of the team.  All students will become the dive team leader and an active dive buddy.  The course will build from simulated decompression stops and eventually conduct several actual decompression open water dives. Upon graduation, there are plenty of wrecks in the Pattaya area on the limits of sport, NDL diving which open up to the Decompression Procedures Diver.  Combined with the Advanced Nitrox Course, you get extended bottom times on the deep wrecks with a reasonable time at decompression stops. By the time the student has developed an interest in this TDI course he or she would be reasonably expected to have basic recreational scuba diving gear.  Any special equipment needed above and beyond the basic recreation scuba diving equipment is included in the course price. Prerequisites: 18 yr old SDI Advanced Diver and Technical Skills Courses (above), or equivalent qualification,.with 25 logged dives. Recommended extra qualifications: TDI Nitrox Diver, SDI Deep Diver, SDI Advanced Buoyancy. Price: 29,000 Baht Purchase over $300 in diving online and get an automatic 5% discount.