Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Adventure Divers is well known in Pattaya for purchasing and maintaining a number of buoys, shot lines and mooring lines for Pattaya diving sites.   These buoys and lines help protect both divers and dive sites from harm.   Dive companies use these markers to find and moor to dives sites like Koh Rin, North Rock and the HTMS Khram and HTMS Kut wrecks and divers uses the lines to safely descend and ascend to the sites.  In addition, other dive centers in Pattaya occasionally purchase and donate buoys and line for Adventure Divers to place on the various dive sites.
  • Adventure Divers also participates in Project Aware and other programs to promote the protection and conservation of coral reefs.
  • Adventure Divers was an active participant of the Pattaya Dive Club, a club trying to promote Pattaya as a scuba diving destination working with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Pattaya city government, the Thailand Department of Fisheries and the Thai Navy. Our goal is to help preserve the marine environment through responsible diving, fishing and mooring practices in our diving area. Also, the Thai Navy has given a verbal pledge to sink another five wrecks over the next ten years and we would like to influence the locations of these wrecks so that they may be enjoyed more thoroughly. Though the club is no longer active, Adventure Divers is still trying to coordinate various entities to work together and still accomplish the goals.
  • Early September, 2011, Adventure Divers donated their labor, boat, food and dive equipment, along with others who did the same, to the Great Shark Release Day initiated by the Dive Tribe, who’s stated goals are to attract public attention and public monies to help pay for the deployment of numerous mooring buoys in the Pattaya area, and to arouse public awareness of other marine environmental concerns, such as shark fining, sustainable fishing, ocean debris and chemical pollution of the oceans. The Dive Tribe had asked for logistical support to accomplish the day and for advise on where the mooring buoys are most needed.
  • Early November, 2011, Adventure Divers joined Divers Helping Reefs, a new project to deploy Mooring Buoys at, initially, our more frequented and favorite dive sites. Through the ‘Divers Helping Reefs’ program, we have been successful in installing 3 donated buoys around North Rock near Koh Rin, everybody’s favorite coral dive site. Divers Helping Reefs hopes to put 2 more desperately needed buoys there before moving on to other dive sites. “Divers Helping Reefs” purchase the materials for the buoys and Adventure Divers contributes the logistics to secure the buoys as well as to maintain them.