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22-09-2012 Dave and Jimbo

Posted on 09/25/12 4 Comments

In accordance with our plan to make a group of divers comfortable and able to take advantage of Double manifolded scuba tanks or Independent Doubles, which have the advantage of being able to be found no matter where you go, Dave is the fourth victim of my plan. As always, I first warned him that […]

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03-08-2012 Jimbo and Graham

Posted on 08/05/12 2 Comments

In anticipation of diving on the HTMS Chang at Koh Chang in the near future, Jimbo has decided to work at perfecting his buoyancy while diving twins. On the second day we decided to work at it, Graham was lent my rig to see how he would like it. In spite of the warnings I […]

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22-02-2012 Terry

Posted on 02/22/12 2 Comments

Terry Ngai, living in Canada for the last 30 years or so, booked with us for a 7 day dive package. He came to us with a great attitude and we all had fun together. While his whole stay he just went diving and really did not see much of the other attractions available here […]

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28-11-2011 Christian

Posted on 11/29/11 1 Comment

Christian, the refugee from Bangkok due to the floods, as he described himself, came to us for some relaxation and diving. We had a great day scuba diving at Koh Khrok, on HTMS Kut shipwreck and at Koh Sak. To gain more bottom time on the shipwreck Christian tried Enriched Air diving and after the […]

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24-11-2011 Ron, Ampai and Yousef

Posted on 11/24/11 2 Comments

WOW!!!! What a day’s diving we had today. It is not often when we only have Advanced Open Water Divers and above on board but the days it happens, here at Adventure Divers, we try to take advantage of it. And, today, what a great day it turned out to be. Everyone on board agreed […]

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18-11-2011 Peter

Posted on 11/18/11 2 Comments

Peter arrived to us on 16th November and dived three days with us. Peter is an excellent diver and Instructor from Denmark. During this three days we dived two times on HTMS Khram shipwreck, one time on the HTMS Kud and three times on beautiful coral around Pattaya including Koh Rin and North Rock. Peter […]

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31-10-2011 Murat

Posted on 11/08/11 3 Comments

Murat, nicknamed the ‘Ouicksilver Man’, originally from Turkey who now lives in China came to us on the 31st October and had two days of diving with Adventure Divers. We had some spectacular dives on Koh Klung Bedan, the HTMS Khram and even found a lion Fish at Hat Nuan, Koh Lahrn. We know Murat […]

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03-10-2011 Olga and Juri

Posted on 11/04/11 2 Comments

Olga and Juri came from Moscow – Russia. Both of them are experienced divers, including Decompression Diving and Trimix diving. During their stay they dove with Adventure Divers on almost every dive site we have in the Pattaya area including both wrecks – HTMS Khram and HTMS Kud, Koh Rin, Koh Man Wichai, Koh Krok, […]

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26-10-2011 Pete Harvell

Posted on 10/28/11 1 Comment

Pete had scheduled two days of diving with us but let the Pattaya syndrome of forgetting what day it is today hit him so he missed the first day with us. We had scheduled a wreck dive more or less for him on the HTMS Khram, our favorite wreck dive in the near Pattaya area. […]

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24-10-2011 Bill

Posted on 10/24/11 2 Comments

Today Bill came to dive with us after a seven years break from diving. We started with a easy, shallow scuba dive at Koh Man Wichai followed by second dive at Koh Klung Bedan. After everything was adjusted including perfect buoyancy we did our third dive on HTMS Kud. Even after such a long period […]

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