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Jim Munday 30-Nov-2011 : North Rock : Southwest and Northeast Reef

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Today we installed our second and third “Divers Helping Reefs” mooring buoys on North Rock, on two different areas that are popular for scuba diving operators to do Discover Scuba Diving programs. In fairly shallow waters local dive operators preferred to anchor quite close to the island and often destroy corals. Now these two reefs […]

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Tim Bass 18-Nov-2011 : North Rock : Southwest Reef

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We installed our first “Divers Helping Reefs” buoy on November 18th, kicking off our new Divers Helping Reefs project. Tim Bass of The UNIX and Linux Forums was the first “Diver Helping Reefs” to “Claim A Reef”.  Tim and Robert of Adventure Divers have purchased 35 meters of 1″ marine grade quality nylon rope.  Our […]

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