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Polluted Water from Thailand Floods a Threat to Marine Life

Posted on 11/15/11 No Comments

The Nation has an interesting story, Polluted water a threat to Gulf sea-life, that discusses how the salinity of the sea in the Gulf of Thailand has changed due to the flooding in Thailand. Experts expect a number of western coast the areas in the Gulf of Thailand to be effected by the pollution, Samut […]

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Thailand Floods Update

Posted on 11/03/11 No Comments

The Thai floods are still posing problems. With central Bangkok in the balance, the Thai government has hard choices to make. At the moment there are decreasing tides for the next week or so which gives them the opportunity to release of the flood waters north of the city in a controlled way. However it […]

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DAN 2001: No Basis for Diving Deep First

Posted on 02/28/11 No Comments

Reference: Little Increased Risk for Reverse Dive Profiles – Under Certain Circumstances, May 2001 Issue, Dr. Peter B. Bennett In November 1999, a group of Italian dive clubs and organizations invited Dr, Bennett to speak to an international meeting in Padova, near Venice. More than 500 divers attended. His topic was “Decompression Today: Algorithms and […]

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Report: 75% of coral reefs threatened (not from diving)

Posted on 02/26/11 No Comments

According to this CNN report, 95% of the reefs in Southeast Asia are threatened, mostly from overfishing and destructive fishing. Scuba divers are not responsible and are not even mentioned in this report. Report: 75% of coral reefs threatened, By the CNN Wire Staff, February 25, 2011 8:04 p.m. EST

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Question on Pattaya Area Currents?

Posted on 01/26/11 1 Comment

Hey Robert, I used to think that currents in Pattaya move from North to South (falling tides) and South to North (rising tides) but then I noticed they moved more NE to SW and SW to NW. What is going on? Help!

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New Descent Line on the Khram

Posted on 01/12/11 No Comments

The descent line on the tower of the Khram really adds to the diving experience. Instead of a 24 meter descent to the stern or bow of the Khram (the stern descent remains), we can now descend down a line attached to the tower (no mooring!), where the top is around 9 meters under water. […]

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How’s the Viz?

Posted on 12/29/10 2 Comments

Hey Robert! How is the viz these days?

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A Day with Us

Posted on 12/11/10 No Comments

A typical day out with Adventure Divers Pattaya, in photos.

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