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Polluted Water from Thailand Floods a Threat to Marine Life

Posted on 11/15/11 No Comments

The Nation has an interesting story, Polluted water a threat to Gulf sea-life, that discusses how the salinity of the sea in the Gulf of Thailand has changed due to the flooding in Thailand. Experts expect a number of western coast the areas in the Gulf of Thailand to be effected by the pollution, Samut […]

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Thailand Floods Update

Posted on 11/03/11 No Comments

The Thai floods are still posing problems. With central Bangkok in the balance, the Thai government has hard choices to make. At the moment there are decreasing tides for the next week or so which gives them the opportunity to release of the flood waters north of the city in a controlled way. However it […]

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Understanding Our Bangkok Tide Tables

Posted on 11/03/11 3 Comments

These has been some discussion in various discussion forums on the Internet about why our Bangkok Tide Tables show different tidal data than some other tidal data sites. One reason might be because there are more than one tidal stations in the Bangkok area. Our tide server has harmonic tidal data for two locations, “Bangkok” […]

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