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Thailand Floods Update

Posted on 11/03/11 No Comments

The Thai floods are still posing problems. With central Bangkok in the balance, the Thai government has hard choices to make. At the moment there are decreasing tides for the next week or so which gives them the opportunity to release of the flood waters north of the city in a controlled way. However it […]

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Understanding Our Bangkok Tide Tables

Posted on 11/03/11 3 Comments

These has been some discussion in various discussion forums on the Internet about why our Bangkok Tide Tables show different tidal data than some other tidal data sites. One reason might be because there are more than one tidal stations in the Bangkok area. Our tide server has harmonic tidal data for two locations, “Bangkok” […]

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Location of Bangkok Tidal Station (XTide)

Posted on 11/02/11 No Comments

For those interested in the exact location of the Bangkok Tidal Station for our Bangkok Tides page, the location is at 13.4333° N, 100.6000° E, illustrated in the Google map image below:

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High Tides Affect Recent Floods In Thailand

Posted on 10/21/11 4 Comments

It’s all over the news. Thailand under water due to heavy flooding. Businesses, factories, farms and homes damaged and closed due to the floods. And, it’s not over yet. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has said that though they have tried every means possible to stop Bangkok from being flooded that it will be nearly inevitable […]

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