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Bali 2014

Posted on 09/02/13 No Comments

And next year again. In April of 2014 we are organizing the dive trip to Bali during the crazy Songkran time. The trip will begin on 12th April and we will be back on 20th April. All the conditions are unchanged and you can check on them reading our previous year post here. This is […]

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Apr 12-20 Bali Trip – Escape Songkran – 2013

Posted on 01/07/13 7 Comments

As of 13 January we have the bookings needed to confirm that this trip will happen, so if you are interested start to buy your tickets and let us know what your itineraries will be.   This year again Same as last year we are organizing the trip to Bali, but this time we have […]

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19-04-2012 Bali Trip

Posted on 06/23/12 4 Comments

As you know, we tried to organize a dive trip to Bali. We had some interest but not enough to make the trip work. Tim, one of our best friends, regular divers and IT mentor, offered to take me with him to be his dive buddy as he has just recently broken into the Technical […]

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Report on April 12-20 Bali Trip

Posted on 03/26/12 No Comments

Unfortunately the April 12-20 Bali Trip to escape Songkran has been cancelled due to lack of participants able to make the trip. Looks like we will be forced to put up with the following.

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Apr 12-20 Bali Trip – Escape Songkran

Posted on 02/02/12 No Comments

The Trip Adventure loving divers, we have the pleasure to invite you for a special diving trip to Bali, Indonesia. This trip is special not only because of the beautiful destination, Bali, but also because we organize it at the time when very few want to stay in Thailand, during the crazy Songkran (Thai New […]

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Report on the Mar 10-11 Samaesan Overnight Trip

Posted on 02/02/12 No Comments

Unfortunately the Mar 10-11 Overnight trip to Samaesan was cancelled due to lack of participants in the area. The last scheduled Samaesan trip on Dec 17-18, 2012 was a great success and we will plan for another trip in the near future. Hopefully we can get more people ready to go at the same time.

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Mar 10-11 Samaesan Overnight Trip

Posted on 02/02/12 2 Comments

Hey Adventure Divers Time to plan another fun overnight Samaesan trip for the weekend of March 10 through 11, 2012. Our December 17-18 Samaesan Trip was a success and we hope that the viz for the March trip on the ‘Bremen’ Wreck will be better this time around. One thing for sure is that the […]

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24-01-2012 Kantharaj, Kaushik, Mukesh, Pavan, Suresh

Posted on 01/24/12 No Comments

Today five guys – Kantharaj, Kaushik, Mukesh, Pavan and Suresh – from Bangalore, India came with us for a Discover Scuba Diving day. They where very excited about this new adventure. Mukesh organized this day for them and they are now very thankful for this to him. In the morning everyone did all the skills […]

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Report on the Dec 17-18 Samaesan Overnight Trip

Posted on 12/20/11 2 Comments

The trip went off really well. We started from Bali Hai Pier on time and arrived at the Bremen by 1030. As usual, after we shot the wreck, two of us went down to verify that our line was truly on the wreck. Tim and I went down the line, being careful not to use […]

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Dec 17-18 Samaesan Overnight Trip

Posted on 12/04/11 No Comments

Hey Adventure Divers The October 22-23 trip to Samaesan was unfortunately canceled due to not having enough people in town. So on December 17-18 we plan to try again. We will have very favorable tides those two days for the following agenda. December 17, 0830, leave Bali Hai Pier. Arrive to the Bremen Wreck around […]

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