Aware Fish Identification

The Aware Fish Identification Dive familiarizes divers with common fish families and species found in the local area.   If student divers have previous fish watching experience, this dive may focus on collecting fish survey data that could be submitted to organizations, such as the REEF Fish Survey project.   If student divers have little previous experience, we concentrate on basic fish identification techniques.  The course encourages students to carry fish identification slates / field guides, if available for the local area, and have reference materials on hand at the dive site.   This allows divers to quickly verify that their observations are correct. We at Adventure Divers, Pattaya, emphasize that all divers should interact responsibly with aquatic life by maintaining neutral buoyancy, avoiding unnecessary contact, securing dangling equipment and moving slowly to minimize disturbing the aquatic life.  We help student divers find particular fish, identify them, and point out unique behaviors and interesting interactions.