While we certainly owe a show of gratitude to many more people than we have yet listed here, one person (among a few others) certainly deserves a show of gratitude impossible to express accurately or excessively on this page is a Mr. Tim Bass, friend, fellow diver, great underwater navigator, dive leader, wreck penetrator (when he wants to do it), unix and linux guy, and IT integration for business mentor who took the time to convert an IT dinosaur into an IT literate fledgling. Thanks Tim, watch me grow!! Giuseppe Cabras of Dipartimento di Fisica, Università degli Studi di Udine was kind enough to provide the necessary, and much appreciated, harmonic files and legacy XTides distributions for our XTide tide prediction server (our XTide server). A special thank you to Corona688 of The UNIX and Linux Forums and for his help compiling an older version of xttpd. Video Diving News provide by Adventure Divers. Sinking pictures of HTMS Kut courtesy of Mr. Charlie Frost , Mermaids Dive Center. Gauges in the HTMS Khram engine room photos courtesy of Mr. Charlie Frost , Mermaids Dive Center. Computer generated images of HTMS Khram, KTMS Kut and the Hardeep courtesy of Mr. Alex Beuchel. HTMS Khram Wreck Penetration Pictures - Courtesy of Oliver Zaiser Dec 2007. Lot's of great wreck information from Mr. Steve Burton, the man behind HTMS Khram Wreck fish photos - Courtesy of Real Divers.