Diving the Bremen, September 2013

Posted on 09/28/13 1 Comment The evening before, around 1800 hours, we had only two guest for the next day booked. One of them a regular diver with Adventure Divers, who comes two or three times a year for a few weeks at a time, had had the misfortune of only going to Koh Sak this trip because of weather. We really did not want to go there yet another day. We checked the tides for the next day and found them to be favorable and checked Wind guru and found that for the first day in two weeks the weather would be fine. I decided to try to get an impromptu trip to the Bremen wreck. I called over 15 divers I knew to be in town and got 8 people to go. The weather turned out as advertized by Windguru and currents only slightly stronger, and the visibility was acceptable, around 4 to 5 meters so we had two very nice dives on the wreck. Here is a little untouched video of our dives

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  1. Peter Kaattari says:
    Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 4:13pm

    I guess I Went home some Days to early 🙂
    Happy for all of you that Went ! Maybe next time I am there we will have the chance to go again!
    Thanks for the good diving during my visit!



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