23-08-2013 Gitte

Posted on 08/23/13 No Comments Gitte DSDToday Gitte from Habana, Australia completed her PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience. We dived first shallow water of Koh Phai, where Gitte got the feeling of breathing underwater first time in her life. After small initial "shock" she started to get used to be under water. By the end of the dive she accomplished all the skill practice and became a professional mask cleaner. The second dive we did at Koh Klung Badan, where we had a bit of current, so we did a one way/ drift dive. Here everything went well an Gitte also start to control her buoyancy very well. Gitte's brother Mark, an PADI Advanced Open Water Diver came along wit us to observe his sister first steps and warm up before his deeper dives in following days. Congratulation 🙂

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