Night dive on the HTMS Kud, 04 July, 2013

Posted on 06/28/13 9 Comments tower_910On the 4th of July, 2013, the evening time will have very slack tides so will be perfect for a night dive on the HTMS Kud. We have done this dive quite a few times in the past and it is a great night dive. What makes it so nice is the tons of shrimp and small triangle "Bush" crabs that you can see at night. Hundreds of little red glowing eyes, everywhere you shine your dive light. This outing, I will try to capture this on my underwater camera. We will leave the pier by 1630 hrs, motor out to Koh Sak and do a dusk dive, followed by a Spaghetti dinner, then a proper night dive on the HTMS Kud around 2000 hrs. If anyone is interested, please contact us through our comments below, or call 038-364453, call me direct on 089-2525026.

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  1. Boonyen says:
    Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 3:12pm

    I’m absolutely gutted as I won’t be in Pattaya until the 20th!
    It’s bringing back memories from the last time I dived the Kud with you on a night dive back in September 2008.
    Enjoy the evening – I know you all will.


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