Scuba Diving! What a Great Activity!

Posted on 06/25/13 No Comments Scuba diving is really a great activity. Diving brings people together from all walks of life that all have a similar interest.  What a great way to meet people from different places that you normally wouldn't have the chance to meet otherwise. Once you are on a boat sitting pretty close to someone you have never seen before and are going diving with; maybe they are even in your dive group. The friend you came with has gone below the top deck to set up his diving equipment and you look around. The guy sitting next to  you is not talking to anyone so you ask him "where are you from?" and he answers in pretty good English but heavily accented, " I'm from Sweden", and the conversation begins!! You find out that you're diving in the same small group and before you get into the water you decide to hang out together while diving. After each dive you tell each other "Wow!! Did you see that Octopus? And that Hawknosed Turtle? What about those two Dolphins? What weird noises they make. That wreck penetration, wasn't that great?" By the end of the scuba diving day you both hang out at the Adventure Divers shop for a few beers, then afterwards decide to go out to Walking Street and visit a few bars together. You would never do this at home! What a GREAT activity!! Where else would you get to meet Hans, from 'Journey To The Center Of The Earth'? You've just made a new friend!

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